A message from Meghan Murphy:

Hello friends of Feminist Current!meghan murphy

This project is truly a labour of love. Writing, podcasting, interviewing incredible feminists, activists, writers, and academics from all around the world is incredibly fulfilling and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to do this work. I have learned and continue to learn more from readers, commenters, listeners, allies, and interviewees than I ever could have dreamed. I am so moved and grateful to be a part of the feminist community and am touched that you would choose, out of all the places you could go online, to spend your time and energy here at Feminist Current. I can’t thank you enough for being here, for supporting Feminist Current, and for participating in this ongoing conversation, whether it be simply by listening, reading, or by contributing to the discussion in the comments.

I love this work, but it is work and there are costs associated as well as it being an labourious project. The kinds of ideas, issues, perspectives and events we discuss here at Feminist Current are often not discussed in the mainstream media or even in progressive media — and, if they are, they are approached from a decidedly different perspective. If it weren’t for this space, there would be few other venues for the kind of work, journalism, and writing we publish here even to exist online. I created Feminist Current so that there could be space for these conversations to take place — conversations that challenge dominant discourse and mainstream feminism.

I want to be able to continue to do this work — to continue podcasting, to continue writing, to continue providing space for other bloggers and feminists. Thanks to many friends who have helped me out along the way, I have been able to keep my costs low but in order to continue to maintain this site and to produce strong content on a regular basis, we need your help!

If the work we produce here at Feminist Current is work that you value and support, please consider donating.

Your support means the world. Thank you.

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