The Personal is Political

Pregnancy in the time of coronavirus

Pregnant women struggle so much already with isolation and loss of control over their birth plans — coronavirus has brought even more challenges.

On miscarriage and the female body

Try as we might to escape the confines of our sex, our female bodies won’t allow it.

I have never been sexually assaulted

I have never been sexually assaulted. When I was five-years-old I went to an in-home daycare, run by a woman who had a son and some daughters (a combination of my age…

I competed in a beauty pageant for feminism

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado has been crowned the queen of election media since Hillary Clinton mentioned Donald Trump’s mistreatment of her during last week’s US presidential debate. With beauty contest imagery…

Whoreburbia: The digital gentrification of ‘sex work’

Back in 2014, I co-authored an academic paper published in a graduate journal that sought to discuss the delineation of women in prostitution into mythologized categories: social pariah, abject, and shamed victim…