Choice Feminism

Intersectional feminism is failing Indian women

An intersectional analysis should reveal the exploitative nature of prostitution and surrogacy, yet intersectional feminists support surrogacy for poor women as a means of earning livelihood and believe criticizing the sex trade is “exclusionary.”

Stop glamourizing the pain of high heels

High heels are harmful and painful, but the pressures of femininity and marketing ensure women continue to suffer for “beauty.”

Whether you like it or not, pole dancing perpetuates sexism

Since Monday, staff at the London Abused Women’s Centre (LAWC) have been inundated with angry comments on their Facebook page. While one might assume the natural enemy of a feminist organization would…

Aesthetic labiaplasty is never just a ‘choice’

The latest reports from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeries indicate that the number of labiaplasty surgeries performed between 2011 and 2012 increased 64 per cent, and went up again 44…

Yes, you can be a feminist and a waitress….

Between the ages of about 18 and 26, I remember working in various reception jobs, making practically no money, constantly broke, and people telling me I should go work in a bar.…