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Life without limits: The delusions of technological fundamentalism

In two new books, Heather Brunskell-Evans and Michele Moore question the ideologies and practices that promote medical/technological “solutions” to gender, and Renate Klein analyzes the surrogacy industry as a form of exploitation of women and trafficking in babies.

How Hugh Hefner represents neoliberalism’s win

It is no accident that, as we celebrate individuals rather than movements for radical change, Hugh Hefner has been hailed as the leader of the sexual revolution.

Why Women’s Marchers need to care about capitalism

On January 21st, an estimated 2.9 million people participated in Women’s Marches around the U.S., setting a record for the largest one-day protest in the nation’s history. For many feminists, a public…

On #TrumpTapes, power, and liberal hypocrisy

The much-deserved backlash against Trump’s remarks from the recently published 2005 recordings is a particularly interesting one, as it has received wide condemnation from within his own party. Republicans have essentially made…

And the award goes to… porn culture!

Every year, Cannes Lions celebrates the world’s greatest capitalists… Ahem, I mean ads. So while perhaps our hopes they might avoid actively promoting porn culture are misplaced, a wish might be that…