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Money Shot’s big lie

A new Netflix documentary claims to look at trafficking on Pornhub but acts as industry propaganda instead.

PODCAST: Toxic Beauty — an interview with Phyllis Ellis

In this episode, Meghan Murphy speaks with Phyllis Ellis, director of “Toxic Beauty,” a documentary looking at the impact of toxic chemicals in beauty and personal care products.

PODCAST: ‘Birthright: A War Story’

In this episode, Meghan Murphy speaks with Civia Tamarkin, director of “Birthright: A War Story,” a new documentary looking at the attack on women’s reproductive rights in the U.S.

‘Sugar Sisters’ exemplifies the failures of third wave feminism

A CBC documentary called Sugar Sisters: Confessions of a Sugar Baby aired on Thursday. The film claims to “explore the globally popular phenomenon of sugar dating,” something we’re told is “heavily stigmatized.” In watching Sugar…

PODCAST: Milk — A documentary about birth & breastfeeding

Despite the fact that women have been breastfeeding, quite literally, for all of human existence, there is still stigma and judgement around how women feed their babies. Beyond that, the formula industry…

PODCAST: Eggsploitation

Egg donation is most-often presented as a harmless solution for men and women alike who are not able to have a biological child of their own. An article published at Everyday Feminism…

‘Hot Girls Wanted’… For a month or two

Rashida Jones’ documentary, Hot Girls Wanted (now available on Netflix), explores the world of “amateur porn,” a booming industry thanks to a never ending influx young women, ready and willing, no coercion…

PODCAST: The Perfect Victim

A new documentary looks at the cases of four women — victims of domestic abuse who killed their husbands in an attempt to escape the years of torture inflicted upon them. They…