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On miscarriage and the female body

Try as we might to escape the confines of our sex, our female bodies won’t allow it.

Life without limits: The delusions of technological fundamentalism

In two new books, Heather Brunskell-Evans and Michele Moore question the ideologies and practices that promote medical/technological “solutions” to gender, and Renate Klein analyzes the surrogacy industry as a form of exploitation of women and trafficking in babies.

PODCAST: Milk — A documentary about birth & breastfeeding

Despite the fact that women have been breastfeeding, quite literally, for all of human existence, there is still stigma and judgement around how women feed their babies. Beyond that, the formula industry…

Of course men want children more than women do

Women. They all just can’t wait for a man to “put a ring on it” and commit to starting a family. But men… Men have such a hard time letting go of…

Eve’s punishment rebooted: The ideology of natural birth

There’s something pornographic about the way we depict childbirth. A woman’s agony becomes either the brunt of a joke, or else it is discussed as an awesome spiritual experience. One of the…