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Vancouver gender identity event a roaring success

Lee Lakeman, Meghan Murphy, and surprise guest Fay Blaney spoke to a packed house on Thursday, despite protests and efforts to shut down the event.

When anti-feminists attack, women are blamed

When feminists are attacked, liberals and the left either support these attacks or remain silent. Indeed, we are treated as though the attacks are all our fault.

PODCAST: The trouble with transing kids

The days of Marlo Thomas’ “Free to be… You and Me,” it seems, are long gone. Now, when kids don’t quite “fit” within the gender roles prescribed by a patriarchal society, no…

Why I no longer hate ‘TERFs’

When all else fails, call your opponents TERFs. Regardless of the subject matter of the disagreement. TERF = Witch. pic.twitter.com/x4sLBhlOZZ — Becca Reilly-Cooper (@boodleoops) November 8, 2015 I used to hate so-called…