What’s Current: Heterosexual celebrity couple come out as ‘queer’

Nico Tortorella, star of Younger, and his female partner, Bethany Meyers, open up about their “queer” relationship. Meyers identifies as a lesbian and Tortorella identifies as “sexually fluid.”

Marilyn Poitras, one of the five commissioners of Canada’s National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, has resigned, saying she cannot work within the “current structure.” The executive director, director of operations, director of communications and manager of community relations have also resigned from the inquiry in recent weeks.

Scotland has launched a pilot program to provide low-income women with menstrual products in a push to make them free for all women in the country and prevent “period poverty.”

Teen Vogue’s bizarre anal sex article refers to females as “non-prostate owners”, showing that women and their sexuality are still being defined in relation to men.

Liberal silence on transgender violence.

Footage of Korean comfort women who were sexually enslaved by Japanese soldiers has emerged after 73 years.

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • Anne Bonne

    We’ve certainly reached peak stupid when The Advocate, formerly a leading gay news outlet (lol), profiles a relationship between a man and a woman as “queer” and doesn’t raise a single eyebrow at a self-identifying “lesbian” openly partnering with a man under no apparent duress or social pressure. I mean, what?

    • OldPolarBear

      Just this evening, my partner and I watched a gay movie from Breaking Glass Pictures. I didn’t know it was from them until we chose it and as soon as I saw the logo, I figured what we were in for but we watched it anyway and boy was I right. I will spare any details, but and Imdb member-reviewer described it as being about two “SMSM” — straight men who have sex with straight men — falling in love. Whatever; words, what do they mean? It’s not only nonsense, but suggests more than a bit of self-loathing in the contemporary gay male audience. Why can’t it just be good enough to be a gay man?

  • [bi.black.radfem]

    I see that the bi activist community is crying “biphobia” because the cover is being dragged to filth on Twitter. I am seriously thinking of removing myself from the “B” and claiming political straightness at this point.

  • rosearan

    ‘Non-prostate owners’ – words fail. Eat your heart out, Freud. Your descendants have found new and imaginative ways to redefine ‘penis envy’.

  • Alienigena

    I have never liked it when women or others refer to their body (or parts) with male terminology. I once knew a woman through an artist-run centre (she was one of the central people there) who referred to her breasts as ‘balls that were just higher up’. Female characters on too many tv series and in too many Hollywood movies refer to their ‘balls’. If you have courage, are a moral person and don’t take crap from other people just say it. Don’t refer to your fictional ‘balls’. So no, I am not a fan of the reference to biological females as ‘non-prostate owners’. Really sleazy and misogynist Teen Vogue.

  • Just Passing Through

    Yes I know, that was very “other-phobic” of me to refer to myself as “I”… I hang my head in shame.

  • lk

    Re: The advocate cover..

    What make this an example of a queer family? It’s a man and woman who are romantically involved…last time I checked, that was called a heterosexual relationship…

    “Tortorella says he views himself as pansexual.”

    What is with this pansexual? I feel like it is some kind of trend to claim you are pansexual.

    • Hanakai

      Pansexual. What is a pansexual? “Pan” comes from the Greek and means all, so all sexual, sexual with all, everything is fair game.

      So presumably pansexuals are necrophiliacs who stick their dicks into corpses, coprophiliacs who stick their dicks into fecal matter, pedophiles who stick their dicks into children, twisted bestialists who stick their dicks into animals. Maybe this should be explained to the publications that celebrate pansexuality.

      Pansexualism = gross perversion.

  • Hanakai

    Be advised that there is no clitoris in the anus, nor is there the sort of sexual nerve plexus in the anus or colon that would result in pleasure for a female human.

  • lk

    I think for a lot of men, anal sex with women is about being able to penetrate all of a women’s holes…not about any real desire to give women a different kind of pleasure.

    “Are there that many women who actually enjoy anal sex, or is it just another product of liberal pornification of our culture?”

    I think its more the pornification of sex…and I think women are caving to the pressure to be seen as sexually adventurous and down to try anything.

  • lk

    In addition to the whole avoiding pregnancy idea, there is also the issue of keeping your hymen intact.

    It’s somewhat common in religious circles for girls to perform oral or anal sex as way to remain virgins vaginally. A few years back, I read this article about prostitutes in a predominantly Muslim country..many of the women said that they only participated in oral or anal sex b/c they hoped to get married one day, so they would refuse vaginal sex with johns.

  • OldPolarBear

    It seems perfectly appropriate to share in this context if you want to; I wasn’t sure if my comment was either. But I find it very sad also that you had to go through that and I wouldn’t find it a bit funny.

    The “avoiding pregnancy” aspect of it, the “argument” if you will, did occur to me after I posted. And I suppose it has been used in that way down the ages, but jeez … you are right, we have condoms now and that seems vastly preferable. There are also all kinds of non-intercourse sexual activity heterosexual couples or gay men can do (I’m guessing that penetrative sex is not necessarily the most favored mode among lesbians), but that somehow wouldn’t be considered “real” sex.

  • Anne Bonne

    Many of the gay and bisexual men I’ve spoken to over the years have said essentially the same thing – that being the “bottom,” as it were, is difficult, painful, and not worth the preparation and effort for a lot of them – and that’s all coming from People With Prostates (PWP).

    The number of People Without Prostates (PWOP) (this is apparently meant to include men who’ve had theirs surgically removed as well; males once again accommodated over females) that genuinely enjoy anal sex without even the presence of said pleasurable/stimulating organ would be and is considerably less, though there are always that handful of women (er, Vagina Owners?) claiming to enjoy it enough to justify a talking point for a lot of Folks with Dicks​ pressuring the rest into it.

    To put it in plain language: for the vast majority of Women who are bullied or convinced by porn and/or their boyfriends into trying it, anal sex will be a painful and entirely unpleasant experience endured for the sole pleasure of the Men penetrating them.

  • [bi.black.radfem]

    The bi activist community is calling people “biphobic” for pointing out that there is nothing “queer” about an affluent heterosexual white couple.

    • lk

      Lol, that makes no sense.

      What is biphobic about stating truth?

      A man + a woman together in a romantic/sexual relationship is an example of heterosexuality.

      I’m not sure how anyone can look at that cover and think it has anything to do with gay or lesbian relationships or representation.

  • Hekate Jayne

    Males just are incapable of seeing us as human. They just can’t.

    But they say that we are human, even though every single action from them proves the exact opposite.

    And this is why I hate them. They claim to love us, while treating us as incubators/sex givers/sandwich makers/servants. They claim to respect us while insuring that there’s a class of us that can only survive by serving them sexually (and then say that is a choice).

    I could go on with all of the wonderful things that they say contrasted to all of the heinous things that they do, all directed at us.

    They definitely hate us. And lots of us are finally catching on.

  • lk

    “Pansexual is just being bisexual but more pretentious”

    Lol…that is an excellent definition.

    I’ve heard celebrities describe themselves as pansexual and they always say something like I am attracted to the person (hello, so are straight/gay/bi people!!!) and I am drawn to all sexes.

    And I’m like…”all sexes?!!”..Boo, there are only 2 sexes…..you are bisexual…please stop making up silly words to try to feel special…

    Sometimes I’ll come across random bios on instagram, tumblr etc…and sooo many of them are like this: My name is Jane and John. I’m a demigirl, 2 spirited, queer, genderfluid , sapiosexual, biromantic AFAB. My pronouns are he/him, she/her, or they/them.

    Me: What?!
    Also me: HAHAHAHA!

    How do people keep up with all these “new” genders, sexes, and sexual orientations?!

  • Tobysgirl

    When I read my husband the blurb about Tortorella, his response was, “I have no interest in his sexual fluids.” Do other readers of FC have male partners whose HEAD is twice the size of theirs? Maybe I’m alone in having a partner who is the same height I am and who wears a smaller size shoe.