What's Current: Bro-country, breast-shaped glassware, and womenomics

“We measure our breasts in cups. We pour ourselves into dresses. Men drink us in, tall glasses that we are. We spill our secrets and intoxicate with our wit. This parlance is often obtuse, but what it conveys is clear as crystal: whatever pockets of fluid and fatty tissue comprise the female body are liminal and liquid, and they are for others’ consumption. Especially our jugs.” From Marie Antoinette to Kate Moss, the enduring legacy of breast-shaped glassware.

There’s popular feminist music for young girls, and it’s a hell of a lot better than “girl-power” ever was. Maddie & Tae top the country music charts with their scathing critique of “bro-country.”

“Torture is a culture. The Leaked CIA Report is a way of fighting it.” Some CIA torture methods were actually modeled after Jack Bauer’s interrogation scenes in popular American television series, 24.

Scripps College in California will now officially admit trans women and exclude trans men.

“Is ‘womenomics’ the answer to Japan’s economic woes?”

“Japanese nationalists attempt to revise history on ‘comfort women.'” (See Feminist Current Podcast: “Angela Lytle on the ‘comfort women’ of Japan” for more on the issue.)


Susan Cox Susan Cox is a writer and academic in Philosophy specializing in issues of technology.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.