What's Current: Women won 2014! (Except for all the virulent misogyny)

2014: The year women won (?) [The Guardian]

Dalhousie University Dentistry School is busted for both students and professors creating a culture of sexual harassment and misogyny. [CBC]

Azalea Banks calls out another celeb! Eminem is no “diss God” when all he does is diss women. “Feminism is needed,” says Banks. [NME]

“Pink Viagra” may one day solve that awful medical condition of sexual dysfunction wherein women don’t want to constantly satisfy the sexual appetites of men. [The Atlantic]

Why medico-scientific research is continually thwarted by female sexuality. [Role Reboot]

Try something. Just Google “rabid” right now. Look at Google’s automatically displayed dictionary definition. Look at the example for definition #1. “A rabid feminist.” Wtf, Google??? Brought to our attention by this article. [Bigsole]

Let’s face it: social media has transformed the context of rape. How thousands of men participated in one 16-year-old girl’s rape. #IamJada [The Root]


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Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.