What’s Current: Bioengineered uteruses, male dominance in philosophy, and the origins of ‘having it all’

On the origin of “Having it all.” Hint: The phrase didn’t come from feminism. [NY Times]

“Holy and Unholy Misogyny” – an Evangelical Christian woman notices a growing trend in religious circles where men are being called to “step-up” and become the patriarch of the family. [Women’s enews]

In the “rape capital of the world,” researchers are realizing that Western-style, individualized approaches to helping rape survivors aren’t working. [NPR: All Things Considered]

Transgender Woman Elected Mayor in India. [Feminist Wire]

A Canadian feminist is vlogging on YouTube. Check out Feminist Buzz.

“Philosophy is for posh white boys with trust funds” – British academics reflect on the male dominance in philosophy today. (To be noted: most of the departments in the UK are for Analytic Philosophy, and there is a reason why “Feminist Analytic Philosophy” is virtually non-existent.) [The Guardian & SEP]

“The High-Tech Future of the Uterus.” Following the recent success of the world’s first uterus transplant, scientists pursue a new frontier where women’s bodies are bioengineered vessels to be rearranged as needed. [The Atlantic]

“Making rape expensive: why this campus assault bill is a model for cracking down everywhere.” Congress must also protect women in prison. [Salon]


An American expatriate who fled to the wonderland of Canada, Susan Cox spends most of her time writing, reading, and cooking.


Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.