What’s Current: The same argument you have with every dude on the internet, also ‘restorative justice,’ our collective asses

So, those violently misogynistic Dalhousie Dentistry students were suspended for a few measly days. The university then came up with this “restorative justice” plan as a way to deal with the incident. Basically, the male students will have a discussion about their feelings and say they’re sorry. That’s it.

The female students who were targeted at Dalhousie are unsurprisingly not happy with this “restorative justice” approach. In an open-letter to the president of the university, they write: “The university is pressuring us into this process, silencing our views, isolating us from our peers, and discouraging us from choosing to proceed formally.”

Why did the US Senate swimming pool bar female senators from using it? Because some of the male senators liked to swim naked (not a joke). Stories from women in the US Senate.

Toronto artist tweets illustrations of missing and murdered indigenous women to Stephen Harper.

Ghomeshi had three new charges of sexual assault added today. The next court date is Feb. 4th.

“Ontario sex-education curriculum will include consent, says Premier Kathleen Wynne.” Hmm, does that include teaching girls to consent to ‘maintenance sex?’

Internet conversations with “That Dude” :

Woman: We need to work together to prevent rape.

Dude: If you really cared about rape you’d go stop rape in Somalia.

Woman: But —


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