What’s Current: Sexism in Silicon Valley, femvertisement, and abortions for everyone!

The all-female Ghostbusters will be good for Hollywood.

Why I have no time for allies: “Solidarity was not an identity, it was an action.”

Movement calls for Reproductive Health groups to “Stop saying and stop thinking that abortion is a women’s issue,” because it’s “exclusionary.” Two organizations have responded by allocating funds to erase the term “women” from their language.

The cost of educating a child vs. the cost of housing a prisoner

Newsweek’s cover for Silicon Valley article normalizes sexual harassment.

Dove is at it again with another “femvertisement.” Because instead of actually changing anything, maybe we can just shout “ACCEPT YOURSELF!” repeatedly at young girls. It’s their attitude that’s the problem here.

Celebrate International Women’s Day by nominating an exceptional journalist reporting on girls’ and women’s health and rights!

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