What's Current: The truth about men's rights leader, Paul Elam, is completely unsurprising

Buzzfeed’s Katie J.M. Baker and Adam Serwer provide some excellent and much-needed reporting on Paul Elam and the men’s rights movement. (The real story both frightening and unsurprising.)

On the misogyny of the right vs. the misogyny of the left: “Should a woman be on her knees for one man or for several? What’s best for the common good?”

Middle-aged white male politician complains of “reverse glass ceiling.”

Supreme Court lets stand ruling that firing woman for breastfeeding not sexist because men can lactate. (It seems that every aspect of women’s lived reality can be invalidated if it excludes someone.)

Glosswitch on the “equality” of lactation.

UK Judge rules that a mentally disabled woman can be sterilized by force, because she has already had 6 children and health problems that would put her life in danger if she were to become pregnant again. (Wouldn’t want to deny the man who keeps getting her pregnant the ability to go about his business having sex with her!)

Chibok girls who escaped Boko Haram defy militants by returning to school.

If you still want more feminism for your ears after listening to the new Feminist Current podcast on Page 3, then here’s an interview with Rachel Moran on the need to end prostitution.


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Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.