What's Current: Oscars edition

Patricia Arquette won an Academy Award last night for Best Supporting Actress and received booming applause after calling for equal rights and equal pay for women.

Although some predicted Arquette would receive a “right-wing backlash” after her bold feminist statements, the vitriol actually emerged from left-wing liberals after Arquette controversially stated: “It’s time for all women in America, and all the men who love women, and all the gay people and people of color that we’ve all fought for to fight for us now.”

Actresses demanded to be asked about more than just their dresses with #AskHerMore.

John Travolta is the “creepy uncle” of the Oscars.

Taking the Oscar for Best Picture, Birdman does not pass the Bechdel Test; tells the same old boring story of “masculinity in crisis.” Zzzzzzz.

Less surprising when we remember that the Academy voters are 94 per cent white and 77 percent male.

The idea of men being sexually objectified by their clothing is so absurd that Neil Patrick Harris actually used it for comedy material while hosting.


Susan Cox An American expatriate who fled to the wonderland of Canada, Susan Cox spends most of her time writing, reading, and cooking. Follow her @BLASFEMMEY.

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Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.