What's Current: Australia's Liberal National Party to celebrate International Day Women's Day at men-only club

Saudi historian says Western women drive because rape is “no big deal” to them.

One sister’s journey leaving liberal feminism.

Sign the petition to save the Women’s Studies MA at Ruskin College.

UK Home Office says Nigerian asylum-seeker can’t be a lesbian because she has children. (Well, of course, she can’t be. To call her a lesbian would be to contribute to bisexual-erasure! Penis must be honored at all times!)

A feminist backlash update.

The Liberal National Party will host a celebration of International Women’s Day at a men-only club in Brisbane.

Women’s History:

Dr. Nettie Stevens was first to discover XY sex chromosomes. But a man was given credit for it.


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Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.