What’s Current: Doctor suggests objectifying curvy women will resolve girls’ body image issues

Women’s rights activists call for the UN to protect them in their work.

Dr. Aric Sigman
Dr. Aric Sigman

American Family Associate slams Planet Fitness for response to transgender locker room controversy. Urges Planet Fitness to put the safety and well-being of its youngest members first.

Mother faces jail time for going against a crazed father’s wishes to circumcise her FOUR-YEAR-OLD son.

Women hold 8.5 per cent of Canada’s top jobs… And that’s supposed to be cause for celebration.

So this man, Dr. Sigman, has been running around claiming that he’s solved anorexia, suggesting that if we just encourage boys to speak up about how they like LOTS of things about girls — their nice hair, welcoming body language, pear-shaped bodies with big butts — our body image issues will be resolved.

The patriarchal myth of anorexia is that women are starving themselves to look attractive for men. But in reality, many girls and women are starving out of fear of being sexualized by men, trying to prevent themselves from growing curves.

The Degrader Watch!

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Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.