What's Current: Dolce & Gabbana shamed into apologizing for criticizing 'wombs for rent'

Dolce and Gabbana designers revealed that they hold an “intolerant” opinion. How dare they go against liberal orthodoxy! Old, Italian, Catholic man, Domenico Dolce, expressed his distaste for “wombs for rent” and his belief that “life has a natural flow.” Self-appointed thought police, Elton John, calls for boycott.

But Elton John's doing it...
But Elton John’s doing it…

As usual, rich white men are making the debate surrounding the issue of surrogacy all about them and their right to economically exploit women as incubators.

“It’s only 9 months to save a life!” Actually, pregnancy is closer to 10 months and often causes lifelong bodily afflictions.

Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre has learnt something amazing: Cast Hamlet as a woman, and suddenly, the play is given a new and fascinating edge. (Who knew women could be interesting.)

Misogyny is rife in film and theatre, but brilliant, dynamic women are coming through.

Sign the petition: Anonymity for suspects in cases of rape and other forms of sexual violence is a dangerous precedent that puts women, children and men at risk.

Indian village plants 111 trees every time a girl is born

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