What's Current: New book looks at the limits of liberal feminism

Our own Meghan Murphy wrote a chapter on choice feminism for a hot new feminist book! The ever-insightful Laura McNally and Natalie Jovanovski contributed chapters to the book as well, which was edited by Meagan Tyler and Miranda Kiraly. Check out Freedom Fallacy: The Limits of Liberal Feminism.

What is the greatest threat to feminism today? Choice feminism, says Finn MacKay

Star of Girls Next Door, Holly Madison, reveals that being a Playboy Bunny, a supposed “fairy-tale life,” was actually a “nightmare,” which had her contemplating suicide.

Schoolboys sexually harass and threaten to rape 11-year-old girl. School does nothing.

“We were doing something nobody had ever done before in history,” said Susan Brownmiller, now 80, who took the tickets at the door of the first-ever rape speak-out. “Women [were] talking publicly about rape.”

Angelina Jolie undergoes second preventative surgery to remove ovaries and fallopian tubes. “Angelina Effect” leads to spike in the number of women seeking genetic testing for cancer.

Ellen Pao’s case illustrates a real problem for women: Good things happen for men when they talk, but for women, silence is golden.

Susan Cox is a recovering academic in Philosophy, turned journalist, living in Toronto, Canada. Follow her @Blasfemmey. Got articles for What’s Current? Email [email protected].

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.