What's Current: CBC News investigates over 200 unsolved cases of missing and murdered women across Canada

Girls urged to join #FreeTheNipple protest by posting topless selfies to the Internet.

Judge says man didn’t mean to hurt the three-year-old girl he anally raped, stating, “there was no violence or callous disregard for [the victim’s] well-being.” Do the right thing, Judge Kelly, and step down.

“Violence against women: No longer sight unseen.”

“Let children be children without jamming them into gender roles.

Obama administration responds to Leelah Alcorn petition by stating a commitment to ban “conversion therapy” for minors. “Conversion therapy” is here defined in not only the traditional sense of the term, as therapy to “cure” homosexuality, but also in a new sense of the term, meaning therapy to cure the desire for medical intervention to correct a body/gender asymmetry.

“Plastic Women and Cardboard Men”: Can you have a feminism that doesn’t expect men to change?” (Must-read)

The “Beijing Five” could face years in Chinese prison for planning a peaceful protest against sexual harassment on International Women’s Day.

CBC documents unsolved cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women.


Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and erstwhile academic in Philosophy. Follow her @Blasfemmey. Got tips? Email us.



Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.