What's Current: From casual rape to casual-wear at Coachella

Strip club is banned from using sexualized schoolgirl imagery in its adverts. Child protection experts claim the “highly irresponsible” imagery contributes to the objectification — and, therefore, endangerment — of young girls. (Makes sense! More common sense like this in our policies, please.)

“You’re married to the Lord and your father is your boyfriend.” At purity balls, male sexual ownership of girls still reigns supreme.

Hundreds stand by and watch gang rape on Florida beach in broad daylight and do nothing to stop it. (Nothing to see here, EAT, SLEEP, RAPE, REPEATfolks. Just some casual rape.)

Women in clubs “don’t want to make a fuss” when molested by men on the dance floor. (It’s no big deal!)

Man wears “EAT, SLEEP, RAPE, REPEAT” T-shirt at Coachella (from casual rape to casual-wear — classy).

Jessa Dillow-Crisp comes forward with her powerful and horrific story of surviving prostitution, saying she couldn’t go to the cops because they would handcuff and gang rape her.

There is no “rape-gene,” except maybe a rape-chromosome, also known as the Y-chromosome. Sarah Ditum takes the optimistic feminist stance that “we can make a better world, where violence, power and sexual domination are not what it means to be a man.”


Susan Cox is a feminist writer and erstwhile academic in Philosophy. Follow her @Blasfemmey. Got tips? Email us.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.