What's Current: Laila Ali weighs in on Floyd Mayweather

The men of White Ribbon Australia will fight violence against women by… walking around in high heels.

Laila Ali, retired pro boxer and daughter of Muhammad Ali, calls Floyd Mayweather “a broken person.”

Scientists reject paper on gender bias because both authors are women.

Brain-dead pregnant woman kept alive for seven weeks, not allowed to die until her baby could be extracted.

For women giving birth in the US and UK, medical norms of informed consent are shockingly absent

An increasing number of couples choose surrogates to have and raise their child.

Twenty six surrogate babies are airlifted out of Nepal and sent to gay men who purchased them in Israel. Surrogate mothers are left behind.

If you support the rights of feminists to publicly speak out in defence of women, sign and share this petition in support of Meghan Murphy.

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and erstwhile academic in Philosophy. Follow her @Blasfemmey. Got tips? Email us.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.