What’s Current: New York State Assembly passes legislation to protect nail salon employees

Image: Object/Tumblr
Image: Object/Tumblr

New legislation passed by The New York State Assembly aims to protect from protecting nail salon workers from unsafe working conditions while also making sure they receive fair wages.

Australian judge bans woman from breastfeeding because she has a tattoo.

The Sun has ended “Page 3,” but there is still chronic misrepresentation of women and girls in print media, and the “Page 3” tabloids continue to normalize and mainstream the sex and porn industries. They’re sexist and they know it.

Decoding pimp language: An interview with Rebecca Mott.

“Two Hours to Freedom” — A Powerful speech given by Mia de Faoite on June 1st 2015, the day purchasing a human being for sex was made illegal in Northern Ireland.

Two hours, two hours was all it took for me to be in a beautiful city where I can now walk and feel truly free as a woman; because from today in Northern Ireland women and girls are no longer for sale.

Jailers who had female inmates dance nude for donuts are among many tales of recent abuse in Alabama jails.

Prisons that withhold menstrual pads humiliate women and violate basic rights.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.