What’s Current: Canadian man charged with drugging & sexually assaulting 7 year old girl

Conservative Government appoints a judge who is openly critical of gay marriage to Supreme Court of Canada — the third appointee of his kind in six months.

Photograph: ABC News
Photograph: ABC News

The CBC advises female reporters not to call out men who verbally abuse women by saying “fuck her right in the pussy.”

Soraya Chemaly addresses teenage boys, pointing out the advantages they have over the girls in their life:

The U.S. has a double-digit safety gap, meaning there is very big chance that in many places where you feel safe, the girls you know simply don’t.

The sexual abuse of Cambodia’s history is no longer invisible — Jina Moore talks to victims of the Khmer Rouge who are now getting their day in court.

Forty-three-year-old Saskatoon man, Michael John Slough, charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a seven-year-old girl in relation to child pornography. Police say there may be more victims.

Denise Richards responds to Charlie Sheen’s misogynist Father’s Day Twitter tirade.

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