What’s Current: Andy Benoit thinks the only women’s sports worth watching are boobs

Amy Poehler joins Seth Meyers in outrage over misogyny towards women’s sports after Sports Illustrated writer, Andy Benoit, said women’s sports weren’t worth watching: “I guess I’m not surprised that you work for Sports Illustrated,” Poehler said. “You guys put out a Swimsuit Issue every year dedicated entirely to women who aren’t in sports. Unless you think it’s a sport to cover both boobs with one arm.” (video)

When Kellie Maloney was Frank Maloney, “things got a bit violent.” Why is this person a hero, again? Maloney only tried to strangle his wife, after all. Male privilege: nbd.

Does the higher rate of suicide in males reflect some sort of “male oppression?”

Not even Jurassic World’s dinosaur toys are allowed to be female. Toy company changes movie dinosaurs to male, because when it comes to children’s toys: Oh, Pink is Pink and Blue is Blue, and never the twain shall meet.

Here’s a helpful tutorial on how to change your gender fluid:

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.