A 21-year-old Mexican woman is fined and jailed for refusing to do the ironing for her husband.

Caitlyn Jenner makes Woman’s Hour 2015 Power list for being a high-profile trans woman. Note: the Woman’s Hour Power List for 2015 features only two women of colour (out of ten).

Birth Control Pill Container --- Image by Beathan
Birth Control Pill Container — Image by Beathan

The death of the lesbian.” Aimee Anderson suggests that the erasure of “butch” women in the media is rooted in the fact that they don’t titillate the male gaze.

Glosswitch asks “How did dressing your baby become a political act?” Great question! Marketing has brought our children gendered EVERYTHING.

Interview with Laura Wershler on hormonal birth control (audio) critiques what has become a “one-size approach” to contraception.

Women say “just” too often –“Just checking in!” “Just following up!” It looks like there’s more socialized complexities to workplace dynamics than “just leaning in.”

Rihanna’s new music video for Bitch Better Have My Money features brutal sexualized torture. But it’s okay, because Rihanna is torturing a rich white woman.

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Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.