What’s Current: Patriarchy is still alive & kicking — why?

The press makes it clear that women remain the possessions of men — even in death.

Beatrix Campbell & Rahlia Gupta.
Beatrix Campbell & Rahlia Gupta.

New app notifies you when you’re near a place where a woman made history.

Beatrix Campbell and Rahila Gupta are crowdfunding an investigative journalism project entitled: “Why doesn’t patriarchy die?” The book will investigate where and why patriarchy flourishes and where and why feminism thrives.

Bet you didn’t know about all the inconceivable and unfair ways women deal with their periods worldwide — learn how to help.


Research shows that those who view pornography have a much higher tendency to objectify those around them and to be more critical of their partner’s body, looks, and sexual performance. Porn is at best heartbreaking and at worst downright destructive to relationships.

From an interview with Jason Cherkis, the journalist who wrote about Jackie Fuchs’ rape:

What Kim did… he molested Kari Krome. He raped Jackie. And those were things that aren’t transgressive. That’s not art. That’s not glam. He preyed on people. He abused women. He belittled them in public, shamed them in public, over and over again.

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Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.