What’s Current: Man rapes woman for a year while she sleeps, receives no jail time

“Parents dedicate new college safe space in honor of daughter who felt weird in class once.” Funny but not-so-funny at all?

Magnus Meyer Hustveit sexually assaulted his girlfriend on a regular basis while she slept, often while she was under the influence of medication. He told her he used her demands that he not consume pornography as an excuse to do this. Hustveit will get no jail time for his crimes.

Photograph: Romanceways.com
Photograph: Romanceways.com

College creates video game as educational tool for bystanders to sexual assault.

Sarah Ditum nails it in asking: “Whether it’s online or offline dating, why is it such a taboo for women to say ‘No?'”

Let’s talk about “consent.” — How centering the concept of consent in conversations about rape reinforces rape culture.

New Zealand’s anti-trolling laws have been very sloppily implemented, forcing victims of trolling to disclose their home address and other details to their attackers.

Sandra Bland drove to Texas for a new job. She was found dead in a jail cell days later. We demand answers!

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Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.