What’s Current: College for women of African descent revokes Bill Cosby’s professorship

Thirty five of Bill Cosby’s victims appear on the cover of New York Magazine and tell their stories. A reminder: Few even gave pause to the idea that Bill Cosby was a rapist until a man said he was (i.e. Hannibal Burress’ 2014 viral standup comedy piece).

Bill Cosby’s professorship at Spelman, a college for women of African descent, is discontinued.

Obama speaks out on behalf of Kenyan women: “Any nation that fails to educate girls or maximize their potential is doomed to fall behind in the global economy.

Serena Williams, fabulously muscular and giving zero shits. Photo: Sean Dempsey
Serena Williams, fabulously muscular and giving zero shits. Photo: Sean Dempsey

“Why isn’t there a women’s Tour de France?” Madeline Pape explores the widely-held myths surrounding women and cycling that have relegated them to the position of “podium girls” during the global sports event.

Our society mocks muscular women, but the benefits of having more muscle are expansive.

Marvel keeps screwing up female superheroes:

Marvel Studios just successfully released their new movie, Ant-Man, thereby cementing that they can do whatever the fuck they want. If they can make a $130 million film about Paul Rudd turning tiny and commanding an insect army without going bankrupt, they can probably make one about any Marvel character ever… uh, as long as it’s a dude. Obviously. Because clearly, the most impressive superpower in the universe isn’t strength or invulnerability; it’s having a dong.

Cosmo promotes Kink.com, a torture porn site, to women. Educate them via the hashtag, #CosmoSellsTorture and add your name to the protest.

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Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.