What’s Current: DNA of missing women found on farm in Alberta, serial killer suspected

The Telegraph publishes a misleading report on the petition against Amnesty International’s proposed alliance with pimps and johns. While celebrities have signed on to the petition, it was created primarily by feminist, anti-violence, and survivor organizations. Take the time to fill out the survey at the bottom.

Victoria's Secret swim suit  on a non-model -- Photograph: Macy J. Foronda via Buzzfeed
Victoria’s Secret swim suit on a non-model — Photograph: Macy J. Foronda via Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed explores what Victoria’s Secret swim suits look like on women who aren’t models.

Eden Strong reminds us that marital rape is very real. “I said ‘I do’ but I never said yes. And as soon as I said no, it became rape.”

Is paid access to women’s bodies a human right? Amnesty International thinks so. International human rights lawyer, Jessica Neuwirth disagrees:

Amnesty is urging its membership to separate prostitution and sex trafficking as entirely unrelated. Yet common sense and the economics of supply and demand dictate that demand for prostitution fuels sex trafficking to supply it: not all prostituted women are sex trafficking victims, but all sex trafficking victims are sold into prostitution. Amnesty is urging its membership to legalize the industry, making no distinction between the women being prostituted and those who pay for and profit from their exploitation.

Second woman this year dies at Nova Institution for Women in Truro, Nova Scotia.  Autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

Authorities suspect serial killer loose near Leduc, Alberta as the DNA of more and more missing women is found on a rural farm.

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