What’s Current: Pimping out & buying sexual access to human beings breaches human rights law

Rachel Moran: “Pimping out human beings and buying sexual access to the bodies of human beings are themselves breaches of human rights law.”

Plastic surgeons describe the influx of young women looking to have plastic surgery in “the rise of rich-face.”

Hundreds of men tweet rape and death threats to Collective Shout’s Coralie Alison when she opposes the admittance of misogynist rapper, “Tyler the Creator,” into Australia.

Mannequins at Top Shop in Bristol -- Photo: SWNS
Mannequins at Top Shop in Bristol — Photo: SWNS

Does liking girl things make you a girl and liking boy things make you a boy? Mary Lou Singleton explores the role of patriarchy and capitalism in the creation of Jazz Jenning’s upcoming TV series.

Laura Berry calls out Top Shop for using unusually skinny mannequins in a generation of “extremely body-conscious youth.”

Twelve ways Amnesty International has got the prostitution issue dead wrong. 

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