What’s Current: Bridget Perrier says what she did was prostitution, not ‘sex work’

In a report, sociologist Catherine Hakim argues that prostitution is necessary to “lower rates of rape.”

Melody Kramer creates controversy by publicizing secret networking groups for journalists. Did she betray trust or is she simply advocating for open access?

Bridget Perrier on Channel 4 News: “‘I have never met a nice pimp.”

Glosswitch to Amnesty International:

God forbid anyone take a moral position on an industry which, according to one’s own evidence, puts women and girls at a high risk of abuse and even death every single day. God forbid anyone take a moral position on one of the many visible, violent manifestations of male dominance over women. We’re not Mary fucking Whitehouse here, are we? Moral positions are TOTES NOT COOL .

Inquest into the death of a 22-year-old Aboriginal woman who died in custody will be held in November, almost 16 months after she was pronounced dead at a hospital in Western Australia.

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