What’s Current: 100s of Swedish members of Amnesty International quit the organization

Douglas Fox, the man who runs the largest prostitution ring in the north-east of England (and also runs the so-called “sex workers union,” IUSW) was responsible for first bringing about the motion to support the decriminalization of pimps and johns to Amnesty International (watch at 5:12:00).

Douglas Fox, a pimp who calls himself a "sex worker" and activist.
Douglas Fox, a pimp who calls himself a “sex worker” and activist.

Amnesty International’s vote to support the full decriminalization of prostitution sparked anger among Swedish campaigners, leading to hundreds of members quitting the organization.

Isis enshrines a theology of rape and the systemic sexual slavery of women.

Men’s Rights Activists consider Amnesty International’s pro-pimp policy a win.

Men in groups are the most dangerous thing on earth.

Does decriminalizing pimping further women’s rights?

It is as though we are expected to believe the fallacy that the interests of a pimp, or the interests of a sex buyer, are automatically the same as the interests of a woman in prostitution. It is also a bitter irony that Amnesty International has chosen the ‘right to bodily integrity’ as a defining feature of their policy. Feminists, women’s rights campaigners and survivor groups have spent years furthering the understanding that systems of prostitution are fundamentally about violating women’s rights to bodily integrity. Prostitution has been prominently theorised as a rights violation in terms of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment.

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