What’s Current: Nadine Skow’s ex-boyfriend charged for brutal slaughter in Edmonton

St. Paul’s rape case resurrects the debate on whether the language in American sexual assault law should change. The New York Times reports that “A majority of states still erect a far higher barrier to prosecution and conviction by relying ‘on the concept of force in defining rape,'” forcing victims to “prove that they physically resisted” in order for a rapist to be convicted.

Owen Labrie, accused of St. Paul's rape -- Photograph: Jim Cole
Owen Labrie, accused of raping a 15 year old girl at St. Paul’s boarding school — Photograph: Jim Cole

Police charge Nadine Skow’s ex boyfriend for what police are calling one of the most brutal slayings in Edmonton’s history. Neighbours faced a mistaken home intrusion and heard moaning next door but failed to call police.

Does porn cause rape? Dworkin argued that the question we should ask is, rather, “do rape and prostitution cause porn?”

Family values advocate Josh Duggar checks into rehab after porn star reveals he paid for “rough sex.”

Merryl Streep has been writing letters… to every single member of congress, demanding gender equality.

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