What’s Current: Republican candidates unaware of women who aren’t their wives or Margaret Thatcher

margaret thatcher $10 bil

At GOP debate, republican candidates cannot even think of a single significant woman in American history! When asked softball question about what woman they think should be on the $10 bill, answers included “My wife,” “My daughter,” and “MARGARET THATCHER,” who is British.

We scoff at the ignorant people of yesterday, like Queen Elizabeth I and her lead-based makeup that poisoned her. Yet our hair products today are filled with formaldehyde and no one is doing anything about it.

“Taking the Stigma Out of Stoma.” Women with Crohn’s disease launch a “raunchy” new pinup calendar to show that their ileostomy bags (bags that perform the function of a missing portion of their intestine, similar to collostemy bags) can be sexy! (Now I’ve seen a lot of examples of the “empowerment photoshoot” or “expanding the definitions of beauty photoshoot,” but this one has got to take the cake! Apparently, even our ileostomy bags must be boner-inducing.)

The police wouldn’t take violent threats against U of T feminists seriously, but the University and CUPE did. The U of T community came together to fight violence against women. #Lose4MRAs

Susan Brownmiller takes a controversial position when commenting on the current state of activism against rape on college campuses:

“I like to see activism wherever it rears its head, but this is a very limited movement that doesn’t accept reality. Culture may tell you, ‘You can drink as much as men,’ but you can’t. People think they can have it all ways. The slut marches bothered me, too, when they said you can wear whatever you want. Well sure, but you look like a hooker. They say, ‘That doesn’t matter,’ but it matters to the man who wants to rape. It’s unrealistic. I don’t know what happened to the understanding people had in the 1970s.”

Fall fashion time! This group of “dapper” women just killed the menswear game.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.