What’s Current: Bauer Media will discontinue publication of British ‘lads’ mag,’ Zoo Weekly

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Bauer Media announced that it will discontinue publication of the sexist men’s magazine, Zoo Weekly. The magazine featured objectified images of women and misogynistic rhetoric, including tips on how men can date rape women with alcohol and predatory techniques. Thanks to pressure from feminist group, Collective Shout, major retailers stopped carrying Zoo Weekly, thus financially strangling it out of existence. Brava, women!

Here are the U.S. states where women are most likely to be murdered by men. Nevada, where prostitution is legalized, ranks high on the list.

Stats U.S. where women are most likely to be killed by men

Mother and daughter having dinner are mistaken for lesbian couple and attacked.

Sexist real estate agency ad promotes its douche-bro agency by putting down working moms.

Disney store removes gender divide from 2015 Halloween costume collection because boys can dress up as princesses and girls can dress up as Spiderman. Unfortunately, Disney is still one of the worst offenders when it comes to reinforcing sex-role stereotypes and the all-girls-must-be-pretty-princesses socialization in the first place.

Men get so miffed when women in bars have these pesky things called boundaries. If you stand up for them, you might even get called a witch!

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • Sabine

    LOVE the witch story…really hope it IS the bollocks next time!

  • Rachel

    Yay to the efforts of Collective Shout! I know we still have a problem with porn, and online porn is probably part of the reason this happened, as well as the pressure put on by collective shout (please don’t think I’m minimising that because I’m definitely not). It’s just that online porn, as we know, is so rampant and just gets worse all the time. However, women putting pressure on super markets, and subsequently putting pressure on the magazine companies through lack of funds is something to be celebrated, not just because of the shutting down of the magazine, but also because it shows that when women stand together we CAN make a difference. PLUS one woman’s seemingly ‘small’ idea and voice, became a loud roar which made an impact! This also helps to get the message out to women that you don’t have to be ok with misogynistic crap like these magazines! Especially young women! I found it so hard as a teen and young 20s woman to be ok with these magazines and porn…and they would make me feel gross and awful, but I’d go along with men keeping them around just because I learned ‘that’s what men do’ and I learned I didn’t want to be called a prude or be one of the uncool ‘jealous’ girls. If things like this are getting out into public women can feel stronger in their own sense of what they feel is right and wrong, and what boundaries they should be allowed to have. It gets people talking, and allows women to come together and be supported. I’m so proud of the ladies who achieved this!

    Also I love that bar story. I could actually see it in my minds eye. Something that most of us are probably all too familiar with experiencing and witnessing.

  • Buzz kill

    Well done Collective shout. .. I cringed when I saw that image at the top, same feeling I get when I pass a butchers market ughkk.