What’s Current: Australian government blocks Chris Brown from touring the country

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

Australia denies entry to Chris Brown for being a woman beater.

 Harvard study finds children don’t ruin women’s careers; husbands do.

Grace Jones on misogyny and the music industry: “I want to fuck every man in the ass.”

Three AK-47-weilding women reportedly decimate ISIS militants.

Child brides photo series proves that girls are “too young to wed.”

UK sees steep rise in male school children committing acts of sexual violence. John Brown, Head of Sexual Abuse Programs at NSPCC blames access to hardcore porn, commenting:

“We know that for some older children, accessing hardcore pornography is warping their view of what is acceptable behaviour. And the very young — those of primary school age or even younger — may be copying sexual activity they have witnessed.”

Male entitlement must be stopped:

“Men assault, rape and kill women and their children because they think they have a right to… Men who murder women they know either don’t care or think they’ll get away with it. And why wouldn’t they? Society fails women and children over and over. The courts bail and grant custodial access to — give the benefit of far too many doubts to — the most evil misogynists, men covered with danger flags, so that they can inflict violence on the same woman or others. Women and children at risk aren’t protected.

Someone will always listen to the perpetrator’s ‘justification,’ argue mitigation if instructed. A judge will always consider the arguments, such as they are.”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.