What’s Current: Virginia police arrest 19 year old girl for reporting her rape

virginia police

Virginia police decide 19 year old girl is lying about her rape and charge her instead of her assailant. Because of their egregious mistake, the man was able to commit even more violence. The consequences of disbelieving women and blaming them for male violence are deadly.

People say rape is serious and you should report it, but look what happened to me: I reported my rape, and they told me it never happened.

Battered woman to stay in jail till 2030 for “failing to protect her children from her abusive boyfriend.” The violent man who committed the abuse, breaking the ribs and femur of their three-month-old daughter, served only two years and is already back on the streets.

The US FDA puts women at risk by not including us in clinical trials. Researchers say:

“Medical research that is either sex- or gender-neutral or skewed to male physiology puts women at risk for missed opportunities for prevention, incorrect diagnoses, misinformed treatments, sickness and even death.”

An untitled poem about the trauma associated with being female. (Trigger Warning for sexual assault)

“Normal Barbie” now comes with pads and a period tracking calendar!

Shocking 1950’s anti-feminist commercial for SWERF n’ TERF cleaning product.

“Pregnant person” is the “All Lives Matter” of reproductive health care. An essay by Jonah Mix on the recent trend of “gender inclusivity” that erases women from the language of female reproductive issues:

“If your goal is to despecify language to the point where all possible experiences are represented equally, then yes, by all means replace woman with ‘pregnant person.’ And while you’re at it, replace ‘Black Lives Matter’ with ‘All Lives Matter.’ Demand justice for ‘incarcerated persons,’ not people of color. Set up shelters open to ‘the battered,’ not abused women. Raise awareness for ‘colonized individuals,’ not the Third World. Combat ‘discrimination based on orientation,’ not homophobia. Then sit back, relax, and feel really, really great about just how inclusive you are.

But if your goal is a political analysis that actually confronts power, do just the opposite: Identify the white supremacy at the heart of police brutality, pinpoint the specific victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, name the agents of global empire, and, yes, be honest about who bears the brunt of reproductive oppression.”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.