What’s Current: PETA is awful


PETA is as terrible as ever. This time they’re plastering the sides of ambulances with images of a “sexy nurse” and a double entendre for ejaculation.

Women of Japan unite: Leading Japanese activists examine the contemporary state of feminism.

Behind the scenes of legalized prostitution in Australia: An interview with abolitionist and exited woman, Simone Watson. She says:

“We just had a prostituted woman who was released after being locked in a cupboard for months, she could barely breathe, she was in Victoria where prostitution is legal. And when a lot of women come here, they think they come on students’ visa, but when they arrive, they are put in decriminalized brothels in New South Wales. They think they come here to learn English, but these desperate women are deceived and brought here to join the ranks of ‘migrant sex workers.’”

Paris fashion week bring us misogynistic displays in colorful new shades of stupid, with one fashion show strapping models to each other upside-down in humiliating “human backpack” stunt. Asshole male behind it praised as “masterful.”

An 11-year-old boy took his bullying of eight-year-old neighbour girl to the ultimate level, murdering her with a shotgun.

The Hollywood gender discrimination investigation is on: US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission contacts female directors. One of the directors contacted comments:

“It feels historic. We were all hoping it would go this far. I’m so tired of hearing, ‘There aren’t qualified women.’ There are qualified women to do every directing job in Hollywood.”

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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