What’s Current: Wikileaks calls ‘modern feminism a reactionary vehicle for state censorship, repression & war’

Wikileaks goes on anti-feminist rant on Wednesday, asking whether “feminism” (in scare quotes) isa reactionary vehicle to push state interests such as censorship and imprisonment.”

Interview with young radical feminist, Alicen Grey.

Trudeau shouldn’t need more evidence against the prostitution of marginalized people.

“A letter about dying, to my lesbian communities.”

Norway celebrates Ada Lovelace Day with record-breaking coding class.

UK University student refuses to take sex consent lessons on the basis that he doesn’t look like a rapist.

Police officer evades charges for raping woman at gunpoint because he said she asked for it. (A shocking must-read story.)

If you need some feminist inspiration in dark times, here are 10 direct actions by women that changed the world.


Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • Tired feminist

    ‘The communications secretary for Warwick’s Conservative Association continued how he felt he was taking the ‘wrong’ side by speaking out and continued: “But someone has to say it – I don’t have to be taught to not be a rapist. That much comes naturally to me, as I am sure it does to the overwhelming majority of people you and I know. Brand me a bigot, a misogynist, a rape apologist, I don’t care. I stand by that.”’

    “I don’t have to be taught not to be a rapist. […] Brand me a rapist […], I don’t care.”

    I don’t care.”

    So if anyone still had any doubt whether he was a rapist or potential rapist… now we know the answer with relative certainty.

  • tinfoil hattie

    Wikileaks linked to a word-salad blog post from five years ago. What is their deal?

  • Daughter of Achelous

    There is a grain of truth to that. Many modern feminists are not as educated on imperialism and how it hurts women as they should be. In the second wave, when the fact that feminism branched off from the radical left was more obvious, rarely would a woman need to be explained why invading and bombing countries is bad but now I believe that leftism 101 stuff is necessary. Liberal feminists do often support imperialism but liberal feminism is an oxymoron anyways that we only use to make these poseurs easier to talk about. WikiLeaks can fuck off though, Assange is obviously pissy that feminists don’t give him a free pass on raping women because muh privacy.

  • Daughter of Achelous

    It’s still misogynist to paint us all under that brush though. It just erases all the work we do that patriarchy ignores already.

    • Laura

      yeah…feminism being co-opted by the us govt/whoever wants to make a buck off women is not the fault of feminists

  • Emma Quangel

    Not what they’re talking about, but worth reading: manyfesto.org/2014/07/15/the-weaponized-naked-girl/