What’s Current: Female politicians in Alberta targeted by misogynist online attacks

MLA Karen Mcpherson
Alberta MLA Karen McPherson (Image via CBC/Bob Hawkesworth)

Alberta female politicians targeted by hateful, sexist online attacks. “We need to do our best to get rid of gendered insults, because it’s a way of undermining the power of women,” said MLA Karen McPherson.

The Women’s Equality Party launch in the UK comes not a moment too soon.

Men’s Rights Activists and pro-sexwork feminists are united in their enthusiastic support for full legalization of prostitution.

Why women need self-defense classes of their own.

Sexism in the Kitchen. Women who dare to enter the male-dominated restaurant industry are routinely faced with sexual assault while working.

“Slapping with tongs, snapping bras, relentless grabbing — women chefs learn quickly to crouch, never bend over, when picking up a pot. One woman I know, who worked as a cook at a well-known restaurant group with an outpost in Toronto, told me horror stories of a chef who’d do things like put her staff meal in a metal bowl on the floor of the kitchen because ‘that’s where the dogs eat.’”

Don’t forget Feminism in London is happening this weekend!

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.