What’s Current: White male police officer assaults black female student at Spring Valley High School

Spring Valley High assault

Cellphone footage shows a white male police officer assaulting a black female student sitting at her desk in Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina.

Anthropological evidence suggests that Aboriginal female hunters were aided by dingoes.

Transgender inmates to be housed by their gender preference in San Francisco jail.

A look into the Feminism in London conference held over the weekend.

“I watch child pornography to prosecute sex crimes. The kids’ silence is deafening.” The problem of child porn is growing.

Susan Cox
Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.

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  • Engineer Charlie

    Interesting that there are more than ten times the transgender women than transgender men…

    • Rachel

      Ah yes! Very good point…

  • Kai Honu

    He’s grabbing her from behind and flipping her backwards when she throws the punch. She’s attempting to defend herself. Notice she’s thrown into the student behind her, the chair hitting that student’s legs. How many students could’ve been injured by the policeman’s reacting with violence? Apparently his school nickname is “Slam.” What happened to non-violent intervention strategies?

  • Si Llage

    Your racist trolling would be more effective if there weren’t a video where we can all see this cop getting physically aggressive with the girl BEFORE she weakly tried to defend herself. The minute he grabbed her he was committing assault.

    If an angry cop put his hands near my breasts like that I would have stabbed him in the neck with a pen.

    • Marilynn

      I’m not a racist, I’m married to a black man and I have bi-racial children and I am half native american, I grew up on a reservation. My skin is dark and everyone assumes I’m Hispanic. That’s a horrible accusation. I see him trying to pick her up out of her chair after he asked her to get up several times and according to the teacher he and the assistant principal had asked her many times to leave. The police officer has every right to physically remove her in a lawful manner if she is not following orders. He did not grab her breast. You can clearly see in the video above that he does NOT flip her backwards until after she strikes him in the face so hard that his cheek jiggled on the opposite side of where he was hit. Was he a little rough with her-yes of course but she is still facing assault charges.

      • Meghan Murphy

        “A little rough”????? He threw her across the room. For talking on a cell phone.

        • Marilynn

          No he dragged her to a point to where he could put handcuffs on her for assaulting him. If you aren’t going to watch the video objectively then you don’t really know.

      • Si Llage

        I don’t believe you’re telling the truth; regardless, I have eyes and can see for myself.