What’s Current: ‘Project Vulva’ accused of being ‘violent to transwomen’

vulva cupcakes

Scripps College holds an event called “Project Vulva,” inviting women to decorate cupcakes like vulvas and discuss the taboo around female genitalia in our phallocentric society. Yet, it turns out that vulvas are still way too taboo (if not more so) to be discussed and represented. Organizers were told their event was “violent to transwomen.”

Fifteen stories from women about their experiences with birth control. (Spoiler: hormonal birth control really messes with you!)

“Smart jewelry device” claims it will help protect women from violence and sexual assault. However, Collective Shout member Caitlyn Roper points out the device’s inherent aspect of victim blaming:

“Rape prevention strategies are typically geared towards victims, instructing them on how they should modify their behaviour so as not to be targeted. There is the potential for devices like this to play into the widely held notion that the onus is on women to not get raped, rather than on men to not rape.”

Jezebel runs an article giving a platform to Synthia China Blast, a man (at the time) who repeatedly raped, murdered, and burned the body of a 13-year-old girl, Ebony Williams. “I am a feminist,” Blast claims.

Nineteen-year-old Afghan woman stoned to death for resisting a forced marriage to an old man.

Braiding hair risks heavy fines, even jail time, in Iowa.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.