What’s Current: The rise in trafficking during large sporting events is real & indisputable

buying sex is not a sport

Pro-legalization advocates often try to deny the link between prostitution and big sporting events like the Grey Cup, but they’re wrong:

“The link between large sporting events and sex trafficking is simple: men with money, who are away from home and who enjoy a level of anonymity, engender a predatory opportunity for traffickers (pimps) to reap huge profits at the expense the most vulnerable, the most marginalized. This same link does not just apply to sporting events; it occurs in resource-development areas and tourism.”

Gloria Steinem dedicates her recent book to the doctor who performed her illegal abortion.

Ottawa woman told by police that her rape was just “a misunderstanding.”

Breasts that aren’t presented for the male gaze make men uncomfortable — Glosswitch writes about breast-feeding in public for New Statesman.

Why are childcare workers so poor when childcare costs so much? It turns out that women are screwed over on both sides of the equation: Childcare is unaffordable for so many women, yet it doesn’t even provide the women who work in the industry with a living wage.

Boys pushing strollers and girls riding motorcycles: Spanish toy company advertises their toys as unisex.

Colorado College students try to ban a screening of the pro-gay film Stonewall, claiming the screening is tantamount to an actual act of violence against them.

“A shockingly high number of students believe the act of giving offense is tantamount to violence; for them, there is no difference between expressing an irritating idea and punching someone in the face. And, the thinking goes, just as it is necessary and proper for authority figures to outlaw violence, it is necessary and proper for college administrator

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.