What’s Current: Kink.com, porn site specializing in BDSM, drops James Deen amid rape allegations

James Deen
James Deen

Porn actor James Deen dropped from major porn studio Kink.com amid rape allegations, which is ironic considering that Kink’s product is violent sex.

“James Deen, the Bill Cosby of porn? A third actress comes forward.” Former porn actress reflects on the curious situation of how a brutal industry has won the approval of “feminists” who are anti-rape:

“From my experience, I’ve learned that certain professionals in porn have varying definitions of what rape is… On-set behaviors and attitudes that would be shocking to most and sometimes even criminal are normalized… I can recall a particular horrifying example of normalized behavior that would not be acceptable off-set. Two performers, a male and a female I won’t name, were working together. The woman had obviously taken something before the scene and passed out halfway through filming. The director did not want to lose his investment, so the male performer came up with a solution: Prop her up doggy style with her face in the pillows, and no one would know.”

“James Deen is a rapist and liberal men share the blame.” Jonah Mix writes:

“The whole of the liberal male project is just that — to find ways of branding woman-hate acceptable. James Deen was perhaps the first Good Guy of Porn, but they will soon find another. Men can’t go long without a free pass to hate.”

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Susan Cox

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