What’s Current: Martin Tremblay ruled a dangerous offender, sentenced to indeterminate jail sentence

Martin Tremblay
Martin Tremblay

Martin Tremblay, the B.C. man who preyed on Indigenous girls on the DTES for years has been ruled a dangerous offender and sentenced to an indeterminate jail sentence. Tremblay was convicted in 2013 for the deaths of Martha Jackson Hernandez, 17, and Kayla LaLonde, 16. After inviting them to his house, he gave them alcohol and narcotics. He proceeded to film himself fondling their bodies as they died.

Surprise! The Planned Parenthood shooter has a long criminal history of violence against women.

Three men* committed a mass shooting today in San Bernardino California. 14 dead. The shooting occurred at a facility for people with developmental disabilities.

There have been 994 mass shootings in 1,004 days in the U.S. America’s gun crisis is male violence.

The UN estimates that 95 per cent of all cyber-violence is aimed at women. Calls for new legislation and regulation to protect women and girls and provide relief to victims and survivors.

Man calls for Canada to stop the inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and start looking into murdered men, instead. (Funny how “gender inclusion” always seems to benefit males).

This woman fought back! Sex attacker, Johnathan Holmes, left battered and bruised by young woman he dragged into the bushes.

Days of Revolt: The moral bankruptcy of the left on prostitution. Chris Hedges interviews Lee Lakeman and Alice Lee (video).

*Correction, December 7th, 2015: The San Bernardino shooting was, in fact, committed by a couple — one man and one woman. Apologies for the mistake.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.