What’s Current: Australian police link porn-use and domestic abuse

Australian Police say porn is fueling an increase in domestic violence.

“NSW Police assistant commissioner Mark Murdoch said teaching young men how to respect women was a critical battle front in the fight against domestic abuse…

‘Common sense would tell you there has to be a linkage between pornography and lack of respect in relationships between young people,’ Mr Murdoch said. ‘The fastest growing part of the problem of domestic violence is young people. We are seeing more young people put before courts than we have ever seen,’ he said.”

Porn’s dirty secret: The view inside the sex trade.

“The cool-girl view of porn is that all men watch and so good wives and girlfriends should tolerate it, maybe even browse themselves to learn a few things. Sorry: There’s nothing cool or enlightened about participating in the exploitation of women who aren’t as lucky in life as you.”

New TV show, Adam Ruins Everything, also known as “Nerd Mansplains to the Female Cast of College Humor,” has produced an episode wherein a female character dispels myths about the hymen, including the fact they have nothing to do with “virginity.”

An interview with Nathalie Provost, survivor of École Polytechnique shooting.

A new study shows that men take paternity leave far more often when their child is male.

How to be a ladyperson at the holidays: 10 important tips straight from the ad pages of your favorite magazines.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.