What’s Current: Miley Cyrus’ new video is really gross

Miley Cyrus BB Talk

Miley Cyrus’ explicitly pedophiliac new music video features her dressed up like a baby crawling around and singing: “F*ck me so you stop baby talking.”

“Though Jezebel’s Tobi Gbile has made an argument that it’s part of an outspoken critique of the place of women in the music industry, in which they’re routinely infantilized or made to suffocate their natural intelligence in favour of innocence and helplessness; it’s sort of difficult to swallow that defense when this video seems to lack even the slightest nod to irony or sarcasm, when it’s just Cyrus making eyes at the camera while wearing a giant Bo Peep bonnet. The whole thing comes across far more like an ill-advised grab at controversy on the part of the video’s directors, Cyrus herself and the director of the equally controversial ‘Blurred Lines’ video, Diamond Martel.”

Almost 25,000 women travelled from Ireland to Britain for abortions in the last five years.

Love You to Death: A new documentary about British women dying at the hands of their male partners will air tomorrow on the BBC.

A new UN report says it’s a myth that women are “equal” in the U.S.

“[O]ne of the most shocking statistics in the report is that the number of women who die while pregnant or giving birth has shot up by 137 percent since 1990. African-American women are now nearly four times as likely to die in childbirth.”

MRA Dilbert combines Scott Adams’ creepy comments with the art from his Dilbert comic strips.

Homeless women and children booted from homeless shelter days before the holidays because they supposedly tempt men with “ungodly” sex.

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.