What’s Current: Rachel Dolezal rejects the concept of ‘transracial’

rachel dolezal

A couple of compassionate profiles on Rachel Dolezal seek to explain her identification as “black.” From The Guardian:

“Other people are operating on an autopilot that race is coded in your DNA, that there are different races of human beings and those races are called black, white, etc. As opposed to race is a fiction that was invented,” she says. “What I believe about race is that race is not real. It’s not a biological reality. It’s a hierarchical system that was created to leverage power and privilege between different groups of people.”

Petition calls to investigate Judge Martin Griffiths for corruption and protecting rapists with regards to the trial of Ehsan Abdulaziz and his “whoops, I slipped” rape defense:

“This petition calls on Karen Bradley MP, who is the minister for preventing abuse and exploitation, to stand up on behalf of the British people and prevent millionaires from being able to buy their way out of rape charges. Rape is unacceptable regardless of how rich the perpetrator is and we expect Karen Bradley to take the necessary first steps in bringing these criminals to justice.”

This South Carolina lawmaker has introduced a bill that would make it as difficult for men to obtain Viagra as it is for women to get an abortion.

In the midst of China’s “bachelor crisis,” wherein there are 30 million men for whom there are not enough female adults to marry, economists are debating the question: “Should wives be shared or rationed?”

Everyone thought that DNA evidence would make a difference in rape convictions — but we were wrong.

Glosswitch on how today’s third wave feminist analysis is so much more sophisticated and nuanced than it was in the past:

“These days sexism is different. It isn’t about the appropriation of female sexual, domestic and reproductive labour or anything so crude. These days we’ve realized that the people who do this unpaid work are privileged enough to want to do it, freeing us up to focus on the more important task of validating everyone else’s sense of self.”

“Boys blast and girls sparkle.” As toy consumerism reaches it’s annual Christmas peak, girls are barraged with sexist indoctrination into female socialization.

“Girls are beautiful, magical friends; they like princesses and hair. They enjoy painting nails. Boys ooze power and control, as they rescue and have adventures. They enjoy playing tricks – quite often, on girls. These stark characterisations have been documented in new analysis from the campaign group Let Toys Be Toys – which has looked for the first time at how boys and girls are represented in television advertisements for toys in Britain (previous analyses have focused on the North American market). And the differences were extreme.”

Susan Cox

Susan Cox is a feminist writer and academic living in the United States. She teaches in Philosophy.