What’s Current: Coercive control to become criminal offence in England and Wales, recognizing complexities of abuse

New domestic violence law will come into effect today in England and Wales, recognizing, for the first time, that “abuse is a complex and sustained pattern of behaviour intended to create fear.” Kate Bailey writes:

“We women can be forced into accepting mediation sessions with men who frighten us. We can be bullied into shared care arrangements that do not meet the needs of our children, and have been kept impoverished because our cunning ex-partners hide their finances from the courts – safe in the knowledge that they will never be punished for their deceit. Often the court process is used as an additional threat by perpetrators, and abuse can continue when legal professionals are hoodwinked into becoming pawns in a game aimed at destroying our lives.”

This year Sexism Inc held their AGM at a top secret location in the south of England and Glosswitch got her hands on the transcript.

A 14-year-old girl who was, reportedly, gang-raped as “revenge” after her mother won a local election kills herself in India.

Despite push back, women in Hollywood continue to be subjected to a notable gendered pay gap. Via the Guardian:

“Hollywood salaries seem to be one of the best-kept secrets. But there is proof now,” said Irene De Pater, who co-wrote [a report by the Journal of Management Inquiry]. “Academic research has indicated that there is a quite considerable gender/age wage gap.”

Meghan Murphy

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